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Alice - Mid 20´s
Aurelia - Mid 30´s
Lilly - Early 20's
Malou - mid-20s
Emi - End 20's
Lizz - Early 20's
Lia - End 20's
Anna - Early 20's
Ella - End 30's
Olivia - Mid 40´s
Lenny - End 20's
Bia - late 20s
Charo - early 40s
Chloé - Mid 20´s
Lucia - Early 30's
Jessy - Mid 20´s
Susann - End 20's
Isabella - Early 30's
Alba - Late 20's

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Charming ladies as city guides and more

You will probably be surprised how much interesting there is to report about the city of Bielefeld. Known throughout Germany as a location for the clothing and food industry, for example Dr. Oetker, as well as the university, the Bethel Foundation and Arminia Bielefeld. The city's beginnings go back to the 9th century. While there are still witnesses from earlier times over the years, including the old town with the Süsterkirche from the 16th century, the only Evangelical Reformed church in the city. However, nature is in no way behind.

Have you been skeptical about considering a stay in Bielefeld? Do not worry, Bielefeld exists with a large number of attractions, contrary to other opinions. It is worth seeing the city by the Teutoburg Forest, especially with a charming lady as your company. It's well known, it never gets boring for two. Especially at night in the hotel. Instead of just indulging in dreams, really hugging a loving playmate is certainly much nicer. But before you make a decision, they say: inspiration for the best hours of the day!


So that you can get an idea of ​​the city, provided you have never been here, we can give you a few special tips!

Evening and night for connoisseurs

Exploring the city and the surrounding area is of course not a must. But maybe an informal suggestion to get in closer touch with your city guide now! Who knows what will happen after that?

Escort Bielefeld always strives to make it for every customer possible, which gives him the diversion that he imagines. That is why our models are, so to speak, ready for any outrage! Because you as a customer should feel at home in Bielefeld so that you will be happy to come back. A few tips for the day are already listed. But there is much more to have a fun time in the dark. For example, shake the dance floor or would you rather sip a cocktail in a bar? If you wish, we can recommend the hippest locations!

The city of Bielefeld awaits you

As in real life, the best comes for last. After we have given you a small impression of what to expect in Bielefeld, there should no longer be a lack of erotic atmosphere. Because our girl pulls out every stop to sweeten the rest of your stay! We are looking forward to welcome you. Our escort service will gladly take a call or e-mail and answer it promptly!